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Oxford English and Spanish Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Spanish to English Translator

2.1 a repayment received.

Automatic clearings can be used for credit and debit transfers such as for example standing purchase re payments, direct credits, and direct debits.

I have already been fortunate enough to get re re payment of credits – however the payment had been erratic.

The $700,000 motivation package comprises taxation reimbursement credits and a give payment system.

About 20 per cent provided retirement that is additional or credits.

Underneath the brand new Code, your existing bank must make provision for your brand-new bank with a summary of all your valuable regular debits and credits within three business days.

In this situation, naming a charity as a direct beneficiary will qualify being a donation credit regarding the last tax return associated with dead.

I obtained rid of my television months ago and informed them and additionally they did deliver me personally a credit back at my direct debit – because, as you doubtless understand, they simply take the cash ahead of time.

Vivienne assists residents with a wide range of tasks, including making advantage appeals, assisting to fill in types, and advising them on income tax and pension credits.

The landlord will be entitled to claim a credit for the income tax deducted at supply through the leasing income.

You can find a wider variance of taxation deductions and credits, and the home earns an increased earnings movement plus the typical equity enhance.

For dividends, the credit is usually buck for dollar.

This cash is recorded as being a credit within the present account but, in fact, it isn’t a dependable supply of funding.

She had then gotten a credit into her bank-account of ВЈ383.43, without any page describing precisely why she had gotten the repayment.

The lender hid credits, falsified accounts and produced loans that are dummy.

On Monday afternoon I received an e-mail from Quip saying they mightn’t include the credit to my account since it had been temporarily blocked.

These reports had been debited when it comes to expenses, because of the matching credit to the bucks account.

she had ВЈ15 credit on her account

In March the organization announced so it would begin enabling clients to offer videogames for store credit or money.

This “test” program will run for 5 times and can offer customers who trade in games an additional 20 per cent credit that is in-store.

You need to utilize that credit ahead of the end of 2013.

Not merely will they purchase less games a year, the possible lack of trade-in credit reduces their ability to purchase games that are new more.

Utilized games are a means for a few customers to monetize their games: they will certainly purchase a casino game, perform it, and take it back again to their retailer to obtain credit because of their next purchase.

Individuals on pay-as-you-go tariffs received ВЈ50 worth of phone credit, that they topped up before the week of text-message concerns.


The decoders don’t need to be topped up with credit each month to look at local networks suchs ITV, Channel 10, Star television, TBC etc.

It is possible to currently get fully up to $200 credit that is in-store you buy on line.

You can make use of your US credit for calling your lover, reserving restaurants, or other America-centric tasks.

The $29 plan on the screenshot implies that it comes down with $450 of call credit.

Every one of those plans additionally enables you to add-on another 500MB of information for $5, and includes some credit for international and premium calls.

3 mass noun Public acknowledgement or praise, provided or received whenever an individual’s obligation for the idea or action becomes obvious.

A few journal article writers have actually reported credit for the concept, which may even are derived from the very first World War trenches.

You wished to take my tips and claim credit for them.

The board, often criticised in past times to take a long time to settle claims, deserves credit for the quick reaction in this situation.

He received credit that is much praise for an important financial reform program he introduced in 1965.

In Asia, good kiddies really are a dime a dozen, and moms and dads get no unique credit or praise with regards to their children’s behavior.

These individuals would claim credit when it comes to good climate and reject duty with their very own signature when they thought they are able to escape with it.

He’s got unexpectedly trebled the dimensions of the authorities force by bringing the taxi that is whole to the blue uniforms, as well as for that the general public provides him no credit with no thanks.

But he stressed the division just isn’t credit that is claiming this.

It may also claim credit for several firsts in the area of activity and cultural research.

Nonetheless, the single thing we could make sure is the fact that no solitary team or any one person can definitely claim single credit because of its arrival.

I can’t claim credit for them, they certainly were taken by way of a professional photographer for just one regarding the two student documents right here.

No credit is claimed by me with this notion, having simply suggested the most obvious.

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